Flight Review: KL0836 – DPS – SIN

I am sitting in seat 31G, an aisle seat, on this KLM Boeing 777-300 aircraft bound for Singapore.

It is a full flight and most passangers will be transiting in Singapore for around 30 mins before continuing on to AMS.

My seat is standard economy but can’t seem to locate a control unit and guess it must all be done through the AV touch screen.

I watch a movie (can’t remember the title – something ‘all the life’?) whilst eating my small (yet plentiful) dinner on this short 2 hour 20 min flight. The meal is kind of like a hot snack box, consisting of what I thi K is pepper chicken, butter rice, and green beans. I have this with a glass of wine.

I am so tired, the cabin is a little cold, and all I can think about is getting home to my warm bed.

We land 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

Rating: 7/10

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