Lounge Review: Qantas Singapore Lounge

I still have a couple of months left on my Qantas Club membership which I have managed to hold on to for over 7 years (don’t ask me how), and as I am flying Jetstar today, am able to enter.

I’m recovering from the flu so don’t head straight for the bar, instead, to the dining room where besides the buffet, is a choice of 2 made-to-order dishes – a prawn noodle soup, and a pork belly and cauliflower dish. I try both and they are delicious.

I move to a quite area and fire up my laptop but can’t connect to the VPN so am unable to do any work except for on my phone. So I decide to have an Espresso Martini with some dessert instead.

Being an early 5pm boarding call, the lounge is relatively quiet, but I am sure it will pick up after 6pm for the QF flights out of Singapore.

Hope I’ll be back again soon!

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