Flight Review: SQ361 – HND – SIN

I am sitting in Bulk Head row 41, window seat A, on this Singapore Airlines flight from Haneda bound for Singapore. Not sure how I got allocated this great seat as it cost my partner seated next to me $60, yet I got it for free 🤔. Not complaining, but strange how these things work considering I have zero Star Alliance status, and my partner is gold…….

Similar to the flight coming over, overall service is slow and it takes about three and a half hours before the meal service begins. I choose the Japanese menu and it is pretty decent with a few small Japanese starters and a main of Teiryaki chicken. The Mochi-Sakura ice cream for dessert is really good.

For most of the flight I watch a Korean movie about the nation-wide bankruptcy in the ’80s, and then a few episodes of Modern Family. It is so funny that at one stage I nearly choke on my food laughing out loud.

I fall asleep for about an hour and wake up to an announcement that we are landing ahead of schedule in 45 minutes time.

Rating: 8/10

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