ANA Business Lounge, HND, Japan

Wow – super crowded on this early Saturday morning.

I enter with my partners SQ Krisflyer Gold status (Star Alliance) as a guest just to get a quick bite. Not really worth it though as there is nothing much – a couple of types of sushi, fish and chips (at 8am), beer, wine and sake (and the Japanese are lined up in a queue for a hit).

I take the two pieces of sushi 😉, a tiny taste of scrambled egg, and a thin sausage. It hits the spot. There is also some vegetable juice served in a tall beer glass 👀🤔.

It’s a very noisy lounge. There are no noise softeners like carpet, so noise bounces off everything and is amplified. Screaming kids, loud talkers from (well, I don’t need to mention a specific country) dishes clanking etc.

After literally 10 mins I am out.

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