Dormy Inn Akihabara, Tokyo

One of the now many branches of this ‘hot spring’ style hotel in the heart of Akihabara electric town.

Our room is a semi-double compact mid-level room on the 3rd floor. It is indeed small at 14 sqm, but seems to fit all the necessary amenities required for a short stay – a very mini kitchenette, toilet with washlet, and a few hangers on a rail nailed into the wall.

The main feature is the hot spring on the 9th floor with 2 hot baths (one indoor and one outdoor), a cold bath, and a sauna. There are also 4 washing machines free to use with built in detergent. The dryers are 100 yen per 20 mins.

The hotel also offers free Ramen noodle soup for guests every night between 9.30pm and 11.00pm. Not sure why or what the gimick is.

For the cost, averaging between $150 and $200 a night, its OK value.

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