Flight Review: UL307 – SIN – CMB (Business Class)

I am sitting in Business Class seat 1A, on this Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus A320 flight bound for Colombo.

I had originally purchased an online-only Super Saver Special fare for about SG 360 return which is phenomenonal value for a direct full-service flight (considering SQ was in excess of SG 950!). Cleverly, Sri Lankan Airlines sent an email to see if I would like to upgrade my flight to Business Class via their ‘Optiontown’ system and I accepted with the lowest bid of SG240 one way which was accepted. So around SG 400 for a one way Business Class 4-hour flight with all the trimmings is exceptional value.

The seat is similar to an old style classic domestic business class seat, but it is very comfortable. A fold out AV screen is located in the armrest.

I am immediately impressed with the warm level of service provided by the crew. Menus and lunch orders, pre-takeoff drinks, headphones, and a warm handshake by the chief purser are all efficiently undertaken before we leave the gate.

The meal service comes out almost immediately after takeoff which is a shame as I am not that hungry having just had breakfast in the lounge. I regrettably choose the Sri Lankan Style Milk Rice Trio, and it is not that great – the fish is a bit sour and the rice too carby. A glass of Piper-Heidsieck Curvee Brut helps though.

I watch a movie and enjoy a double Baileys, followed a little later by a coffee – with real Silver Service – a nice touch.

Following the movie I recline the seat to its furthest position and manage to get a good hours sleep before waking up to a final hot towel service.

We land 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

We don’t land at the gate but a dedicated bus for Business Class passengers takes us there first 😊.

Rating: 8.5/10

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