Double Lounge Review: Eva Air Infinity and Star Lounges, TPE

Eva Air has 3 Lounges at TPE – ‘The Garden’ for Infinity Mileagelands Diamond members and First Class passengers, ‘Infinity’ for Business-Class passengers, and ‘Star’ for Gold Star Alliance members. As I am flying Business Class I can try both and besides the interior, they are much of a muchness.

The Star lounge is in my opinion quite dull, overcrowded, and just too big. The food selection is the same in both lounges, not bad, but as I am not hungry I just try the sweet potato and have a couple of scoops of ice cream.

The Infinity is pretty cool inside, but again crowded at this time of the day. Both have strong WiFi so you can dissappear from the noise of the lounge into the magic of social media or whatever else you want to look at.

After about 15 minutes in both I make my way to the boarding gate.

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