Flight Review: TG636 – BKK – TPE

I am sitting in seats 35 H, I, and J (3 seats to myself) on this Thai Airways Boeing 777-200ER flight bound for Taipei. I’m quite lucky as the plane is relatively full (in Economy anyway). The I terior could do with a bit of a refurbishment – this model has the old style square AV screens and minimal recline.

As soon as I sit down (I am the first on the plane), my Hindu Meal is confirmed and shortly after take-off pre-dinner drinks and nuts are served. This is followed by my meal, consisting of rice with fried fish and Dahl curry, and a creamy rice-type dessert.

Having the 3 seats to myself allows me to stretch my legs whilst watching a movie, but I am so tired I fall asleep half way through.

Although just over 3 hours, it goes by very quickly and I have arrived in Taoyan International Airport before I know it.

Rating: 8.5/10

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