Flight Review: KQ444 – NBO – KGL (Business Class)

I am sitting in seat 4A, a business class seat on this Kenya Airlines Embraer 190 flight from Nairobi, Kenya to Kigali, Rwanda (with a short refuelling stop in Burundi).

The seat configuration in Business Class is an unusual 1-2 configuration, and I am sitting alone.

Upon boarding we are offered a non-alcoholic drink, and I choose a Tamarind juice. This is followed by a hot towel service and then we are off.

Shortly after take-off the meal service comes around and it is most unusual – a chicken roll (dry), piece of cake (soft), and a drink of choice (Bailey’s for me).

Although there is an AV screen in the seat in front, I decide not to watch it and watch my Korean drama I have downloaded onto my iPad instead.

We stop at Burundi for a 45 min refuel before taking off again. During this time we stay on board, and after the new passengers board, Business Class passengers are again offered drinks and this time it is Champagne for me.

The flight time for the next leg is only 25 mins and as a result there is an announcement that there will be no in-flight service.

Regardless the flight attendants are exceptional during both legs – friendly and attentive.

Rating: 8/10

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