Lounge Review: Royal Silk Lounge, BKK

I am not sure which one this is (there are a few at this airport) but it the one by departures door 1 – the Royal Silk Class check-in section just past a dedicated immigration. I’ve been here before and it’s certainly not a standout in terms of lounges, but it’s location is convenient and I have a lot of travel coming up so will use the other PP lounges another time.

As I make my way directly down the escalators into the lounge I sense it is very crowded, and wondering how I will navigate to a seat. But after scouring the huge area I find a place and dump my stuff before heading to one of the buffet areas scattered around the lounge.

Being 8.30am breakfast is on, and I help myself to a few hot goodies and a couple of espressos, followed by a fruit platter. Before I know it, the lounge has miraculously become somewhat empty, probably a number of TG flights are about to take off.

For the next 90 minutes or so I watch my Korean drama I have downloaded onto my iPad, before making my way to the gate.

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