Flight Review: PG708 – RGN – BKK

I am sitting in Emergency Exit seat 11C, an aisle seat, on this Bangkok Airways Airbus A319 retuning to Bangkok.

The onboard welcome is very pleasant and a lovely flight attendant (pictured) is doing a grand job indeed.

The meal service comes around soon after take off and I have pre-ordered a seafood meal which is a very simple and slightly bland white fish with white sauce, carrots and spinach. Dessert is fruit but I like the cake that the guy next to me is eating so ask the flight attendant for one as well.

The flight is very short – just over an hour and I watch the first half hour of a new Korean drama I have downloaded onto my iPad.

We arrive – not at a gate – and have to catch a bus to the terminal. Once there though, it is pretty empty.

By t the taxi ride home during peak hour Bangkok traffic is hell.

Rating: 6.5/10

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