Lounge Review: Mingalar Sky CIP Lounge, RGN International

This is my second time in this lounge – and it is perfect! Huge, spacious, airy, bright, lovely genuine service, good food, and made-to-order cocktails. What more could one possibly ask for?

After registering with my Priority Pass, I make my way to the Bar and order a Vodka Martini from the extensive menu. Whilst this is being prepared, I wander up and down the buffet and choose an assortment of dishes, ranging from cheese and cauliflower soup, Chicken Biriyani, and a small selection of cakes. All is good.

The wifi is strong – the only letdown is a lack of plugs to charge my iPhone, but I plug it into one of the 2 computers to charge it up.

The lounge adjoins a spa, but I don’t use it – I think is must be pay-for-use.

After about an hour here I walk over to the boarding gate.

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