Flight Review: PG 708 – RGN – BKK

I am sitting in seat 14D in the middle of this Airbus A319 Bangkok Airways aircraft bound for Bangkok. The plane is only at 50% capacity so I have a whole row of 3 seats to myself.

Literally as soon as the seatbelt sign is turned off, my pre-ordered Seafood meal is served, consisting of steamed fish fillets with boiled spinach, carrots and potatoes in a white Béchamel sauce. It is light and tasty. It is served with a bottle of water and 2 blue cookies (which I refrain from eating).

There are food down AV screens from the roof on this flight but the program looks boring so I don’t watch anything, instead turn on my computer to reply to some work emails.

The flight is only an hour and it is over before I know it.

Rating: 8/10

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