Royal Silk Lounge, Gate E1, BKK Airport

My Citi Thai Airways Select VISA card gives me access to Thai lounges at this airport twice per year, and with my unlimited Priority Pass access card arriving in a couple of weeks, I have scheduled my different cards for lounge entry over the next 2 weeks based on this. Today I will use the first of my 2 entries.

I choose this lounge as it is the closest to my departure gate, E2A (a dead giveaway that it will be a bus to the plane). Across from this lounge is the Royal Orchid Lounge, but to be honest I am not sure what the difference is. I think the latter has wine – this one does not.

The lounge is spotless, somewhat empty, and lacks any kind of ambiance. The staff look bored, and are struggling to find things to do. The buffet is standard, with a couple of hot dishes, a Pad Thai which I try, some Chicken Rice (I try only the chicken), and some self service salads and condiments. Nothing crying ‘oh my god this is amazing’ that’s for sure. Looking back certain lounges such as The Qantas Lounges at Changi and Hong Kong, The Pier at HKG, and of course my soft spot Miracle Lounge opp Gate D6 at BKK cry out for me.

I spend only about 30 mins here before I make my way to the Gate (after sneakily popping a can of Diet Coke and ‘Premium Thai Air snacks’ into my bag…..

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