Flight Review: WE301 – BKK – RGN

I am sitting in Emergency Exit row seat 41C, on this Thai Smile Airways Airbus A320-200 Aircraft bound for Yangon. It is only about 40% full and both seats next to me are empty.

Although boarding is slightly delayed, and there is a bus to the plane, the wonderful smoking service makes up for any annoyance. In fact today’s crew are super friendly and Bewt, the attendant in my section, is exceptional.

The meal service comes and as it is a subsidiary of Thai Airways, it is ‘light’, and today’s meal consists of a delicious chicken salad, a creamy coconut thai dessert, and a drink. Very good indeed!

There is no onboard entertainment on this aircraft but I continue watching the Chinese drama on my iPad – ‘When a snail falls in love’. It’s getting quite addictive.

All in all it is a very good flight. Smile Thai Airlines is definitely one of my top choices out of BKK.


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