Flight Review: ZH9001 – ZHN – BKK

On this return leg I am sitting in Emergency Exit row aisle seat 11D, on this Shenzhen Airlines Boeing B737-800/900 aircraft bound for Bangkok.

Unlike arriving at the airport, the gate leads directly to the plane so thankfully there is no bus.

I have again pre-ordered a seafood meal and the friendly flight attendant confirms this as I take my seat. The meal is not good. A gluey sauce and basically zero taste. I try a half glass of red wine. It’s Ok.

I occupy my time watching a new Chinese drama I downloaded from Netflix onto my iPad. It’s pretty good.

The flight overall is fairly easy. The best part is arrival. Not only on time, but at gate D7 – directly in front of the Priority lane at immigration. Perfect!

Rating: 7/10

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