Lounge Review: Joyee Business Lounge, Shenzhen Airport.

Crappy lounge at Shenzhen Airport T3 currently acting as a substitute lounge until the renovations of the normal Priority Pass Lounge is complete.

Lounge Buddy rates this lounge as ‘Basic’ but I would suggest sub-par. The buffet is an array of pre-packaged snacks such as chips, biscuits, and crackers. There is white bread and a toaster but no spread. Cheese? Salad? Hot food? Not to be found. I noticed a tiny menu at the entrance and go to take a look. I realise you can order soup noodles so I do. Bad choice. Not good; chewy noodles and cold

lettuce in the soup.

Drinks maybe? Nope. One type of beer and the rest is soda, packaged milk products and tea. No coffee.

The only saving grace are the lounge chairs that are quite comfy.

Unless you have unlimited Priority Pass entry, don’t bother.

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