Flight Review: EK418 – BKK – SYD (Business Class)

My flight is delayed by about an hour or so and the boarding procedure is chaotic to say the least. But once on board, things settle down.

I am sitting on the upper deck in Business Class seat 7E, two rows behind First Class, on this Emirates Airbus A380 bound for Sydney. The seat is pretty amazing – buttons galore, built-in mini bar, seat massager, and wifi remote control for the huge AV screen.

Prior to take off a flight attendant comes around and personally introduces herself – she is lovely and asks what I would like for dinner and if I would like any drinks. I decline drinks as I want to try the bar as soon as the seatbelt lights turn off and take-off. Prior to this, hot wet towels and an amazing amenity bag with Bulgari products are handed out.

And wow – it is very cool – a bar in the sky with a large selection of cocktails. I choose a Kir Royal which I slowly sip with a couple of canapés on offer. After 15 mins or so I go back to my seat and wait for my dinner to arrive.

I have chosen the Seafood Duo as an appetiser, followed by Stir-fried prawns with Black Jasmine rice as a main which, is a little tasteless. I have this with a glass of NZ Pinot. I skip dessert and turn my seat into a full-flat bed and fall asleep for about 4 hours.

I wake up a couple of hours before landing to a continental breakfast. It is nothing special – just a fruit bowl, yogurt and brioche.

All in all, the service on board is hit and miss. Some of the flight attendants are lovely, other not so – very efficient yet not overly warm. I am nonetheless looking forward to my return flight as it is a day flight and I will be able to enjoy the product more.

Rating: 7.5/10

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