Flight Review: CX614: BKK – HKG

I am sitting in the first row of Economy in seat 39A, a window seat on this Boeing 777-300 Cathay Pacific aircraft. Being a bulkhead seat, there is loads of room for my feet to stretch.

Unlike Thai and other Asian airlines, there is no pre-flight wet towel service but soon after takeoff, the meal service begins with a choice of pork or chicken. The meal comes with some fruit, a bread roll, and ice cream. It’s not bad. I have this with a red and a white.

There is nothing of interest in the movie section so watch a new drama. Forget the name but some thing to do with being famous and in love.

I ask for a pen to fill out the immigration form and the flight attendant warmly

negotiates “only if” I fill out a flight evaluation form. I oblige in return for the pen.

All in all it is a good flight with excellent service and stunning view!

Rating: 8/10

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