Lounge Review: Vietnam Airlines Business Class Lounge, Hanoi T2

Optiontown.com. Not very transparent. Purchased an online upgrade on my upcoming Vietnam Airlines flight only to be told at check-in lounge access is not included. I didn’t see that written anywhere in the offer.

Anyway as I am travelling with partner, we use 2 x entry passes with ‘LoungeBuddy’ received as a yearly perk with ANZ cards.

The lounge itself is pretty empty, and pretty much ambiance-free, but it is bright and airy and has great views of the tarmac and runway.

The food is pretty basic for an airline lounge. Wine and spirits are not self service and I feel like I am disturbing the lady behind the bar who is engrossed with her mobile phone each time I return for a fill up.

The one good feature of the lounge are the full-body massage chairs. Shame they are only in the smoking room.

Wifi is strong and announcements for flight boarding are made.

After about an hour we leave to board.

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