Double Lounge Review – Eva Air and SQ SilverKris Lounges, BKK

So this is my first time to review 2 lounges in one post. Why? Well I was in such a rush due to heavy traffic getting to the airport but still wanted to experience both.

Thanks to my Business Class one-way ticket purchases for 20K miles on TG (Review is next), I am able to enter any Star Alliance lounge(s). And the Thai lounges are out of the question – they don’t compare at all.

Eva Air – (concourse F):

I am told this is the #1 Star Alliance Lounge so have to try it. It is quite dark and empty, and the food offerings very standard but the Magnum Ice cream real treat! The Pad Thai is stodgy and the Dim Sum offerings scarce. The red wine bottle is empty so I take the rest of the white.

After 15 mins I leave. Enough said.

The SQ lounge – Concourse C:

…on the other hand is extremely packed and I find it difficult to get a seat. The buffet offerings are far superior to Eva. But quality is on par. Cold roast beef and Dim Sum. Fish is ok though. And a bar tender whips up a delicious Cappuccino Martini.

Verdict: Next time I will probably skip both and go to my trusted Miracle First Class lounge opposite gate D6. Far superior to both and I don’t have to be flying business class!

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