Flight Review: TG408 – SIN – BKK

My return flight to Bangkok sees me in window seat 40A on this Boeing 777-200 aircraft. It is quite narrow and not overly comfortable, and to make matter worse I have the AV box on the floor by my feet restricting my space even further.

On top of this, the departure time is supposed to be 6.15pm but we don’t begin boarding until 6.30pm, so we are a good 45 minutes behind schedule.

Luckily though, there is no one sitting next to me on this very full flight, so there is some additional space to stretch out. Phew!

I have a little nap as we take-off and awake half an hour later to the smell of food. Thai Airways has as part of their interactive AV menu a section where you can see what the meal service will be prior to it coming around. I decide on the Chicken with noodles. It is excellent. And so is my vodka Diet Coke.

Whilst eating my dinner I watch a Pharrell Williams concert at Hyde Park on the AV system…

…for a few minutes before I get board and switch from one program to another.

We arrive late.

Rating: 7/10

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