Lounge Review: Miracle First Class Lounge, BKK, opposite gate D6

Second time here in as many days, such a welcome relief coming in here.

Again I go straight for the dining area and request a BBQ duck on thick noodles. Delicious. A small piece of sushi and salad preempts this, and of course the obligatory glass of sparkling Rose.

Whilst watch Madam Secretary (2 episodes left!) I must be subconsciously picking my teeth and suddenly a waiter pops over with 2 toothpicks with a warm smile. Embarrassing, but what service! And only moments later he asks if I would like a top up of my Rose. Well, how can I say no?

Still feeling slightly peckish, I continue with some dishes from the hot selection of the buffet, then some fruit, followed by a coffee with a sneaky dash of Kaluha, and some cake selections.

Oi vey!!

And then it’s off to the gate!

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