Flight Review: ZH9003 – SZN – BKK

I am sitting in Emergency seat 10C, and aisle seat, on this Shenzhen Airlines Airbus A320 flight back to Bangkok. This extra-room premium seat is free of charge – I just requested it at check-in.

Onboard, it is definitely more crowded on the way back to Bangkok, but being in the Emergency Exit row gives me some extra legroom.

The flight is relatively stress-free. The flight attendants seem happy enough and run about doing there thing with a smile. A drink service is followed by a meal. I choose the fish with rice which comes with fruit, yogurt, peanuts, and a couple of glasses of wine.

I continue ploughing through season 3 of Madam Secretary as again there is no AV screen on the seat in front.

We depart and land on time. An easy flight.

Rating: 8.5/10

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