Flight a review: ZH9004 – BKK – SZN

This is my second time to be flying directly to Shenzhen from Bangkok on Shenzhen Airlines. Again, I am impressed with their service and efficiency.

I am sitting in seat 6D, an aisle seat, on this single aisle Airbus A320. Well, I start in seat D, but end up with all 3 seats as there is no one else in my row. This is very lucky as it allows me to literally sleep for about 30 mins of the 2.5 hours flight during some turbulence (which I like) rocking me to sleep.

Prior to take off the flight attendant comes around with. Blankets and newspapers. When she she see I am not Chinese, she quickly turns around and comes back with an English China Daily newspaper and hands it to me with a smile.

As mentioned earlier there is a bit of turbulence just after take off which lasts a good 30 mins. When the turbulence stops, the meal service begins and it is not too bad – I chose the chicken and rice (the frozen peas and carrots in the rice are a bit hard) with a glass of red wine.

There is no AV screen but pop-down screens from the ceiling and there is some show in Chinese playing with the sound quietly playing through the overhead speakers. I’m not interested so watch an episode of Madam Secretary season 3 on my iPad.

Overall service is very good, meal is so-so, 3 seats to myself a winner. Also on-time arrival and the first at immigration (which is closed until they see me and quickly open a counter) makes the overall flight experience a very good.

Rating: 8/10

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