Flight Review: TG221 – BKK – HKT

I am sitting in seat 12K (second row of Business class) on this Thai Airways Boeing 777-300 flight bound for Phuket.

I am warmly greeted by about 6 flight attendants and at first think I am the only passenger in Business as for a good 10 minutes there is no one else (probably missed the bus from the terminal to the plane).

I am offered a hot wet towel and choice of pre-boarding drinks. I choose a Tamarind Iced Thai Tea which is sweet and tart.

The seat is an international-class business seat – rare in a short-haul domestic flight, that extends into a ‘nearly’ fully-flat bed. It even has a roller-massage function which is a nice touch.

Dinner is delicious- Thai ‘Krap Prao’ (I think), Thai Jellies, and a coffee. Very tasty


The best part though it the utterly stunning sunset – it was as if the sky was on fire. Amazing!

It is such a short flight and very efficiently serviced to the max.

Rating: 9/10

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