Hotel Review: Citizen M Hotel, Amsterdam

A funky play on Aloft (W’s baby brand) with a comedic twist, Citizen M is an edgy alternative to your average Lifestyle hotel.

The building itself is like a Tardis. Unexceptional on the outside but transforms into something else once inside.

Check-in (and out) is ‘self’ via a terminal by the entrance with a staff member on hand to assist if required. Like an airplane seat map you can choose any available room on any floor. Our staff member suggests 234 as it overlooks the garden so we choose it.

The foyer is electric and alive. The staff are young and funky – think large earrings, nose piercings and tattoos. The quirky art, furniture, and accessories make this hotel standout from any other I have stayed at.

Our room is Japanese minimalist, yet highly functionally designed with ‘pods’ for the shower and toilet, and a massive bed. An iPad acts as the master controller with everything from mood lighting, master switches, curtain opener, TV turn-‘onner’ etc etc. Quite remarkable really.

I love the branded ‘everything’ from notepads to pencil’s to shampoo bottles for day use and night use, paintings, pictures, menus, guides – everything is written in a comical, quirky, and engaging way.

Although friendly, the Staff themselves are very Gen Y and Millennial which may pose a problem for some people with their ‘Hey, man!’ cool attitude. One example is when I asked if the external gym they have a contract with has a pool I am told no. Later, after 30 mins of searching for the gym, I am told by the gym staff member that there is a pool and 25 meters too! I didn’t bring my swimmers from my bag so missed out. When I went back and told the hotel staff member that there is in fact a pool she laughed and said , ‘…oh, you could have swum naked!’ – all fun and games…

Nonetheless it is a new up and coming brand with a few properties globally. Will probably try one again.

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