Flight Review: PG783 – SAW – TLV

My return flight from Istanbul to Tel Aviv is in seat 7C on this Boeing 737-800 LCC Pegasus aircraft. Normally a seat so close to the front comes with a hefty charge but I simply ask at the check-in counter for an aisle seat close to the front and my boarding pass is handed over with a smile.

Again this flight has no entertainment and only pay-to-eat food, but I come prepared this time with my iPad and a Turkish chocolate bread from the airport and my cookie received at check-in at DoubleTree to keep me sustained for free during the flight.

But…things do it always turn out as hoped. I soon realize even before we take off that my Netflix has decided it needs to be connected with username and password entered. With no wifi it's impossible so I am entertainment (less)!

This an incredibly boring, noisy, uncomfortable flight.

Rating: 5/10

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