Flight Review: TG 408 – SIN – BKK

At the internet check-in counter the staff member tells me there is an earlier flight (I am 3 hours early) leaving in 1.15 hrs. Great I say, until she realizes that there would be a $120 charge to fly the earlier flight. I decline. Talking about getting your hopes up high…..

I am sitting in an emergency exit row again (hint – just ask at check-in) in seat 50C, on this Boeing 777-200 aircraft bound for Bangkok.

My pre-ordered seafood meal arrives almost immediately after the seatbelt lights are turned off after take-off, but although it looks delicious, I am not particularly hungry and pick at the spicy fish main, and only finish the smoked salmon salad and wholemeal role, and apricot crumble cake. No coffee or alcohol to follow for me and I manage to sleep for almost an hour of the 2 hourish flight with my legs comfortably stretched out.

We arrive on time. But for some reason not at a gate, but via a waiting bus which is becoming more and more a regularity flying Thai Airlines. Time consuming and crowded. Dislike.

Rating: 7/10

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