Lounge Review: plaza Premium Changi T1

Out of all the lounges my Platinum JCB card gives me free entry to, this would have to be the best.

From the great selection of cooked-to-order food, the ambiance with background music, the strong wifi, great service, and pod-like private seating areas,
this one wins hands down. The only drawback is that all alcohol is pay-for-drink, unlike the others which are free.

But not a problem as this lounge has a sushi bar!

….which makes up for a lack of free wine and beer. And the menu on offer is fresh and delicious!

I enjoy a wide variety of snacks:

And private honeycomb seating;

Who needs crappy airline lounges with zero ambiance, bored staff, and buffet selections when you have this? 😜🇸🇬

Try it out the next time you are at Changi!

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