Lounge Review: Miracle First Class Lounge, Concourse D, Bangkok International Airport

I think this is my first time in this lounge during lunch, and although it is still as quiet as ever, the food offerings are quite good.

There are 3 trainees at the reception desk as I enter and they greet me with beaming smiles. Ah, the service of a new hire! I hand over my non-Thai issued JCB card and am approved entry immediately.

I tuck into an assortment of hot and cold dishes, ranging from Chicken Bologna and Tuna sandwiches, to fried rice with a tomato chicken stew and mixed vegetables, and salad. Not bad. This goes well with a glass of French red. Soon after I raid the hot cabinet and enjoy a few pasties filled with chicken and tuna (again).

Finally I finish up with an espresso with a dash of Kahlua, and a sneaky blueberry muffin because, well, it's there.

I asked myself why have I eaten so much and then remember I am soon boarding my flight to SZN on Shenzhen Airlines – I haven't flown them before and thought it best to stockpile 'just in case'.

I don't understand why the lounges at this airport lack ambiance. Some light background music would go a long way. Otherwise it is a pleasant pit-stop before my flight.

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