Lounge Review: Royal Silk Lounge, Concourse C, BKK

One of the benefits of credit cards here in Thailand is that some give you access to airline lounges. One of mine gives me 2 visits a year to Royal Silk lounges so with a bit of spare time I decide to try it out.

Like most lounges at this airport the ambiance in here is pretty non-existent. The only noise is the humming of the refrigeration units, loud businessmen talking into their phones, and the odd child running amok.

The food selection is OK. A step up from the usual CIP lounges I normally go to. I choose a variety of hot and cold, savoury and sweet dishes. Looking for the wine, I am told there is none available in this lounge – I would need to go to Concourse D for that privilege – so help myself to a VSOP cognac and Diet Coke instead. Surprising for a Business class lounge. Well, then again, not that surprising.

Wifi is strong and accessible via a ‘QR’ code handed to me at the reception. Much easier than logging-in the traditional way.

I thought I would spend a bit more time here but after an hour I am full and bored, so leave to walk the corridors of the airport.

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