Flight Review: TG938 – BKK – HKG

I am sitting in seat 31G, an aisle seat in the first row behind the Business class cabin on this Airbus A330-300 Thai Airways aircraft. Although a premium seat, there is still limited legroom due to a wall being in front of my row separating the galley from the economy cabin.

The service starts off shortly after takeoff with a wet towel and the VIPs around me have their meal order taken (they must be Gold with Star Alliance). I have pre-ordered a seafood meal myself and it is one of the first to come out. It is pretty good, although the same main meal I always seem to get with the seafood meal returns – the famous Thai Airways seafood pasta 😜. The salmon and potato salad entree and coffee creme dessert are nice. I enjoy this with a couple of glasses of French red, and then a coffee.

Throughout the flight I watch ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – my first time – and the 2017 Emma Watson version is a great way to see it. Can’t believe I’ve never seen this Disney classic before.

The service onboard is friendly and efficient. My green tea is served with a smile, as is my request for a blanket at the beginning of the flight.
I am particularly happy to see there is a USB port in the armrest of my seat. Not having one is my biggest pet peeve which is normally the case on other aircraft I fly with Thai Airways. I feel comfortable knowing my phone is fully charged when I land in Hong Kong.
Rating: 7.5/10 

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