Flight review: TG639: HKG – BKK

Not a happy camper when I find my seat three rows behind the galley separating Business class from Economy class in seat 33G, an aisle seat in a 2-4-2 configured Airbus A330-300 Thai Airways aircraft. The seat pitch is extremely narrow, and there is an AV box taking up half of my limited leg room under the seat in front, and to top it off, there is a foot stool mechanism that knocks against my shins. 

I have pre-ordered a Kosher meal, apparently the most expensive for the airline to cater for, so perhaps this is my penance. The flight attendant comes pre-take off to confirm my meal and as always I request that when it arrives after take-off, he takes it out of the sealed box and places it on a tray otherwise I would be squashed when it arrived in its fold-down lidded plastic box. But apparently on this flight it is too difficult for him to do and he makes an excuse that the flight is full and there are no spare trays to do this. Strange as there is a spare seat on the opposite side of my aisle.Disappointing.

Half an hour when it does arrive, miraculously it is on a tray!

My chicken paprika main is served luke-warm and I politely ask for it to be reheated. This is met with disdain from the flight attendant. Disappointing. 

Nonetheless I soldier on and after a couple of glasses of red I feel more relaxed and settle into a great movie – ‘Hidden Figures’
which basically takes me to the end of the flight.

We arrive slightly late at the gate.
Rating: 6/10

2 thoughts on “Flight review: TG639: HKG – BKK

    1. Most welcome John. Kosher meals are generally quite good – often large pieces of salmon with a number of sides. Unfortunately on this particular flight it wasn’t that great, but the size of the meal received looks from fellow passengers 🙂

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