Flight Review: TG306 – RGN – BKK

I am sitting in aisle seat 42G, roughly in the middle of this Airbus A330-300 aircraft, with 2-4-2 seat layout.

Shortly after I sit down a flight attendant confirms my low-calorie pre-ordered meal but I request normal meal instead (based on the one coming over).
We leave the gate 5 minutes after scheduled departure. As Rangoon International airport is tiny, we are shortly in the air and on our way.
As this aircraft comes with a built-in AV system I am hoping to spend the very short flight to Bangkok watching some TV shows to pass the time. But no, nothing is showing except the flight map. Luckily I have my iPad pre-loaded.
Actually in terms of service there isn’t much. No hot towel service which is pretty standard on Thai, a tiny meal, but tasty, and no entertainment.
The meal is a ‘Duo Pack’ consisting of a ‘hot sandwich Mediterranean Vegetable & Mozzarella Cheese’ thing and a Raspberry cake (essentially a muffin), and a bottle of water. It’s OK but was expecting something different. During my meal, there is a bit of turbulence just as the drinks trolley is about to arrive. Soon after, the drink trolley comes around and I grab a glass of red. Phew.
We land just out of ‘on time’. But of course it is not at a gate and we have to bus to departures. Damn….
Rating: 5.5/10 

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