Lounge Review: SilverKris Lounge, BKK

This is my first time here – I have passed it a few times and heard it was pretty good. Well, it’s OK – lacks a few amenities that it’s sister lounge has in Singapore, such as showers, bathrooms (they are outside), Champagne, and….wifi 😳. Yes, unless my new iPhone 6 has a bad receiving mechanism, no wifi is being picked up.

<update – oops, they DO have wifi – just the name was ambiguous….>

Not to worry, I have local data so can write my review 😀. 

So the food here is pretty good. I don’t go ‘overboard’ knowing there is a full lunch being served on my upcoming Business class flight to Changi. But I still enjoy a coffee with a few small snacks and a delicious Thai Tea ice cream.

<update: they have made to order cocktails! Yes! I order a lemon vodka Martini>.

The ambiance is somewhat subdued. There is no music, but soft lighting and brown tones throughout. Occupancy-wise, about 85% full but doesn’t feel crowded. Staff are pleasant enough. One thing for sure, this Star Alliance lounge sure beats the Thai Airways Lounge which is absolutely huge, but not-well planned in terms of layout nor food offerings.

#SilverKris #Singaporeairlines 

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