Flight Review: NX882 – MFM – BKK

First on board – yay!
I am one seat behind the first row of economy in this unusually configured Airbus A321 bound back home to BKK. I say unusual as the first row of Economy is an emergency exit row of 2×2 seats meaning the window seats of row 9 (my row) have no seats in front. Bonus leg room to the lucky one who scored those seats!
Again a very noisy boarding process with passengers seemingly screaming at one another for no apparent reason.   
And me being on a aisle seat get constantly bumped into and knocked upon without the slightest apologies from the offenders.

Soon after take off we are offered a choice of ‘beef rice’ or ‘chicken noodle’ and I choose the latter. Good choice that I did as the guy sitting next to me choses the Beef and it looks more like a gravy on rice. Mine is OK but I am way too full to really enjoy it.

The cabin temperature is a little warm, the opposite of coming over where I felt like I was in a freezer. I nod off a few times unable to watch the movie I have downloaded. On and off, on and off, this flight seems to be much longer than the 2-point-something hours advertised.
Service is very friendly. Oh – and I realize you can order beer! Too full so might do it next time if I fly this airline again.
We finally arrive on time. I’m exhausted….
Rating: 7.5/10


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