Lounge Review: CIP First Class Lounge, Concourse C, BKK

This is my second time here, this time the first with my partner. 

It is empty, so we are able to choose literally any seat within this spacious area.

Entry is thanks to the JCB lounge benefits that come with free membership.

There is very little ambiance here, and somewhat outdated, but it is quiet and air conditioned – for some reason the airport is very hot today / perhaps the aircon is turned off to save energy?

I enjoy a small plate of chicken curry and fried vegetable rice with some red wine and then a vodka with Diet Coke. Then some pineapple and a raisin snail (which incidentally I do not need).

Don’t bother with the wifi as to access code is too long. Just a few work emails to clear (my partner is on a conference call the whole time). 

It’s a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of the busy airport, but not on par with the airline lounges such as Oman Air, JAL Sakura, or Thai. But it’s free and airline status and Business class tickets are not required. 

Just a JCB card.

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