Flight Review: TG639 – HKG – BKK

Out of 64 rows on this Airbus 330-300 aircraft, I am in row 63. Yes – row 63.Right at the back of the plane.
But it is an aisle seat thankfully.

The plane is full I am told when I request a row closer to the front. Funny, I was one of the last on and I saw plenty of available seats….

And the departure was delayed again. It seems each time I fly Thai we are delayed. This time by 30 minutes. No explanation.
This is an older-style airplane – seats are old, AV screen is small and square – not the new rectangular ones. No USB charger. 
I pre-order a Kosher meal but it isn’t very nice compared to previous ones I have had on Thai Air. Paprika chicken that is served lukewarm so I ask for it to be reheated. It takes 10 minutes to come back. Dry rice, over cooked chicken. I wish I had the standard meal instead – it looks delicious with creme caramel for dessert 😳.
I watch ‘Suicide Squad’ – it’s OK and keeps me entertained for the 2.5 hour flight.
I find Thai Airways hit-and-miss.
This flight’s a miss.

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