Flight review: TG606 – BKK – HKG

Today I am sitting in 34H, an aisle seat in a 3-4-3 configured Boeing 747-400 (74N) aircraft. I haven’t been on a 747 for a long time and notice it also has First class on the lower deck with Business class on the Upper deck.
The seats are comfortable, spacious, plenty of leg room with a footrest and large monitor, but shock – no USB charger, so I fear my battery is going to run out. Nonetheless although it is an older craft, it is clean and modern inside.
I have again ordered a seafood meal. Today’s meal is mixed seafood pasta in a cream sauce with the same smoked salmon potato salad and multigrain roll. Dessert is a similar style of cake – kind of like a soft vanilla slice. It’s ok. I don’t have wine this time, instead opting for a VSOP cognac and Diet Coke.
Service is swift, yet friendly. I spend the whole flight watching some movie with a title I forget about bank robbers.
Although we departed late, we land early. I’m happy.
Rating: 8/10





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