Flight Review: TG401 – BKK – SIN

Unimpressed at the 1-hour delay that now gets me into Changi around midnight.

Luckily am given my requested Emergency Exit row seat, although way back of the plane in Row 50, middle seat B (the yellow one) on this Boeing 777-200ER aircraft.
I pre-order a Kosher meal – it is Friday night after all. It comes before everyone else’s – pre-ordered meals always do (tip). It is actually delicious and much larger than the regular meals. It consists of fried fish, ratatouille, 
rice, bread roll, and a piece of chocolate cake. I enjoy this with a glass of red.

It is a short flight, but I don’t watch any of the inflight entertainment (the screens are so small from quite a few years ago – not sure if this is typical of this aircraft type). Instead I watch a couple of episodes of ‘Billionaire’ that I have downloaded onto my iPad.

The service is disappointing. I am not sure if it is because it is a late, yet short flight, but all the flight attendants look tired, are not smiling, and any requests seem to be a challenge for them. Male flight attendants are unshaven, shoes unpolished, messy attire.
Anyway, we land obviously late due to a very delayed departure, and coupled with the lackluster service, all results in my lower-than-usual rating for a full-serviced Asian carrier:

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