Flight Review: TG414: SIN – BKK

I get to the airport nice and early, am the first to check-in thanks to the online check-in tool on the Thai Airways App, and fly through baggage inspection and immigration via the Priority Lane (thanks to the conditions of my Visa).

I have no lounge access today, but hang around aimlessly before boarding slightly late due to the late arrival of the airport.

My seat is 32F, an aisle seat one row behind the start of Economy, on this Boeing 787B Dreamliner. It is very comfy, has ample netting for my bits and pieces, a large touchscreen video, and even a foot rest. 

Not long after the flight begins, my pre-ordered Seafood meal comes and it is both ample and delicious. It consists of a warm multigrain roll, smoked salmon and potato salad, fish in a tomato sauce, and a vanilla crumble type dessert. This all goes down well with a couple of glasses of red wine.

I have brought my iPad pre-loaded with the current series I am watching – ‘Billionaire’, but decide not to watch it as there are a multitude of programs on the AV system. I watch a comedy about a couple who move into a street that are covert spies and the comedic happenings surrounding their interaction with their neighbors. It is timed perfectly as it ends about 20 minutes before landing.

The service is remarkably improved from my previous flight – perhaps it has to do with the time of day?

Rating: 8.5/10

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