Flight Review: TG302 – YGN – BKK

I request an Emergency Exit seat again during check-in and again it is granted. It seems you don’t need to pay additional fees at the time of booking nor be of Gold status to get this seat. 

So I am in seat 48B, an aisle seat in this 2-4-2 configuration Airbus A330-300 Thai Airways aircraft. Although it is further towards the back of the plane, it is spacious and can stretch my legs.
The flight is only an hour and I am expecting a small snack but as I ordered a Kosher meal for this return leg, I am blown away by my delicious full-sized meal complete with dessert. All other passengers receive a small pastry similar to what I received on the way over. It includes an omelette and sausage with a tomato meat sauce, pineapple, bread roll with condiments, and a cinnamon scroll.
We land shortly after and the taxi to the gate seems to take forever only to learn it is not the gate but a waiting bus to take us to the gate. 
We finally make it.
Rating: 8/10

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