Flight Review: 3K687 – SIN-KUL

Strangely at the check-in counter I am told as I have done an online check-in, I can go straight to the gate. After a short while in the lounge, I realize there is no gate or seat number reflected on my soft boarding pass. So I go to the transfer desk and they are puzzled at how I got through immigration without one. Nonetheless I am handed a new paper boarding pass and an upgraded seat to 2A, on this Jetstar Airbus A320 flight to Kuala Lumpur. 

As I board late, there are no available baggage compartments above my row, so the attendant finds a place a few rows back. 
Soon after another row 2 passenger boards and is horrified that there is no space for her bag and argues with the flight attendant when he says the baggage compartment above row 1 are for row 1 passengers only. She ignores him and blatantly ignores him and shoves her bag in the row 1 baggage compartment. Needless to say a war of words follows and I am sure she will be kicked off but unfortunately isn’t. Needless to say a row 1 passenger boards with bag in tow and there is no space for him, but he graciously accepts the flight attendant’s request to have the bag stored further down.
Anyway besides that the flight was literally 40 mins and there is nothing to report except it was very pleasant.
Well done Jetstar!

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