Flight review: QR 131 – DOH – FCO

Am sitting one row back on this leg from Doha to Rome in seat 3F on another Boeing 787-8 aircraft. 
This time I go for the Qatar signature drink which is a lime juice with mint concoction. Not too bad – a little sweet.
The amenity set comes around and I think I’m going to have a year’s supply of Giorgio Armani shaving balm before too long. No pajamas on the daytime flight but I have brought the ones from my previous flight and get changed into them before take off.
I pre order my meal and go for a strawberry and dig smoothie, cured salmon with grain mustard cream cheese for an appetizer, followed by a traditional Arabic breakfast (feta cheese, olives, foil medames, cucumber, tomato, and breads. It turns out to be quite good but I am not really hungry so pick at it and end up leaving most of it anyway. 

After a couple of hours sleep stretched out in my 180 degree flat bed, I wake up feeling hungry and order a grilled prawn, roasted butternut squash and red onion salad with chickpeas, pomegranate seeds, tahina and lemon dressing. I enjoy this with a champagne cocktail (Champagne, Camus XO cognac, Angostura Bitters, and sugar). 

Apparently there is a selection of desserts and we are encouraged to ask our flight attendants. So I do. And when the first choice is salted caramel macaroon and chocolate cake, I don’t even bother to hear the rest and I say, yes, I’ll have that one! When it arrives the salted caramel is actually lemon….which I enjoy with a glass of Chateau Petit Vedrines (Sauternes, 2011, Bordeaux).

And after a double Macchiato it’s a quick 30 mins until we land.
Rating: 9/10 

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