Flight Review: TR2994 – SIN – TPE

I have paid $25 for an emergency exit row seat on this Tiger Air Airbus A320 bound for Taipei. Seat 13A is in the 2nd row of Emergency exit seats. As this is a window seat, there is no armrest for my left arm. Instead, there is a makeshift one on the door. There is no one sitting next to me so it’s OK – I am able to stretch out comfortably without the armrest.

The 4 hour 40 min flight is uneventful; the only interaction I have with the flight attendant is when she goes through the emergency evacuation procedure that all emergency row passengers are given, and when I order a Japanese plum wine on ice, which is reduced on sale from $8 to $6.

As there is no free food service or entertainment, they majority of the flight is spent on either watching pre-downloaded movies on my iPad or sleeping.

Rating: 6/10.

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