Flight Review: MI127 – PRO – SIN

On this return leg to Singapore from Lombok, I am sitting in seat 6F, a window seat one row behind the first row of the Economy cabin.

Before the plane takes off, a flight attendant sees me with my Bose headphones on but no plugged into my smart device. I am told to take them off (even though they are not plugged in) 🙉. 
I’m After the seatbelt sign turns off, I connect my device to the SilkAir studio system and carry on watching the Korean movie I had started on the flight over.
Dinner is served – a choice of either Spicy chicken or Fish in cream sauce. I go for the fish which is delicious and wash it down with a plastic cup of French red.

Hoping to purchase 2 items from the duty free catalogue but neither choices are available. Have only one more month before I can use the SG $100 voucher my partner received on another SQ flight.
I am able to squeeze in an episode of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” – season one, episode one – jeez – it is funny!! 
We land on time.
Rating: 8.5/10

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