Flight Review: MI702 – SIN – CMX

I am in seat 2A, a Business class window seat on this Silk Air Airbus A320 flight.

I have purchased a reward flight – only 12500 (minus 15% when booked online) plus nominal taxes for this 3 hour flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city.

Like Singapore Air, Silk Air’s (SQ’s ‘regional’ airline) business class seats are huge, but have minimal recline and functionality.
Prior to take-off we are offered a selection of juices (no champagne – note to self…). We are also handed the breakfast menu and I choose noodles and Otah. This comes with orange juice, a croissant, and coffee. It’s simple, but not too bad.

Due to limited choices, I watch a Taiwanese movie through the wireless SilkAir Studio system. Business class passengers receive a Levano device; other passengers need to use their own. 

Before long we arrive.

Rating: 6.5/10

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