Flight Review: SQ671 – NGO – SIN

I am sitting in seat 12A on this Airbus A330-300 bound for Singapore from Nagoya. The business class seats are the old style ones that don’t quite recline to a fully-flat position, but they are nonetheless very comfortable as I manage to sleep for a couple of hours.

The service is phenomenal on this flight. As I board the aircraft I am welcomed with a “Good morning Mr. XX and Happy Birthday to you!”. How did they know my name and that it was my birthday without handing over the boarding pass? Baffles me….

Hot towel, welcome Champagne, and post-take-off drink orders are quickly delivered, and before long the plane is in the air. My Singapore Sling quickly follows – the first of many drinks on this daytime flight.

img_0638I have decided to choose the Japanese Bento again for my lunch and it is delicious – it actually consists of 2 boxes – one cold assortment followed by a hot selection of delectable Japanese treats.

And the Cherry ice-cream really hits the spot where it is needed.
A few hours and a movie or two into the flight, I am honestly surprised by a birthday cake and hand drawn card from the flight attendants. It is very beautiful and I feel awfully privileged to receive it.
Great service, great food, great entertainment….

Rating 9.5/10



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