Flight Review: MI346 – SIN – PEN

I have selected seat 5C, an aisle seat in the bulkhead row directly behind Business Class on this Boeing 737-800 aircraft. It gives me additional leg room and allows me to be one of the first off the plane BUT crying babies on both sides of me somewhat tarnishes the proximity to the exit door.


 This aircraft is furnished with SilkAir Studio, a wireless entertainment system that can be connected to the device of your choice. Knowing this is SilkAir standard, I have my trusty iPad Mini with me to enjoy my onboard experience…oh dear; it turns out that SilkAir Studio is not available on this flight. Thankfully it is only one hour and I have downloaded today’s edition of the Sydney Morning Herald and Canberra Times for my onboard reading pleasure.
A light breakfast is served as soon as the seatbelt sign is extinguished after take-off and it is simple yet delicious. A soft pastry-baked, almost ‘burrito’-style mushroom pie comes with a coffee, water, and choice of juices.
  Pardon the pun but the service is a smooth as silk, and the attendants seems to be delighted in whatever it is they are doing.
A pleasure to fly. Shame about the entertainment.

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